5th May 2022HistoryExplorer Released
 Corrections concerning scaling and start from CD.
8th November 2021HistoryExplorer Released
 HistoryExplrer supports running from CD and USB drives.
5th February 2018Warning!
 Do a complete new checkout of the bible_world-history module! Otherwise you will not receive further updates!
1st October 2017HistoryExplorer Windows Installer signed
 the windows installer has been signed for security reasons. To enable a correct recognition of the signature the CaCert root certificate has to be installed. (https://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3)
22nd Septembver 2016English Data Files Released
 The data files for biblical world history and Big Bang theory are now available in English. Up to now they only were available in German.
12th February 2016Poster released
 Poster 'Geschichte der Welt' (History of the World) has been released. More will be published.
21st January 2016New Datafile - Biblical Prophecy
 The new datafile biblische_prophetie.xml contains the biblical prophecy acording to the interpretation of the Seventh Day Adventists (German only).
11th January 2016New Datafile - World Religions
 The new datafile religionen.xml contains the history of the five worldreligions (German only).
5th October 2015Get your free HistoryExplorer License!
 Register for the HistoryExplorer newsletter and get your free license.
17th August 2015New Data Files released
 The data files have been completly rewritten. Currently there are more than 6000 historic entries concerning political and technical history together with more than 350 maps and graphics available. The old datafiles are no longer available for download.
30th December 2014New Data Files - Science, Technology and Art
 Two new Datafiles have been released: wissenschaft_technik_kunst.xml and wissenschaft_technik_kunst_urgeschichte.xml. These two files describe the history of science, technology and art. They are available in german language.
17th April 2014HistoryExplorer
 HistoryExplorer 1.0 is ready for use. Together with version 1.0 the first data files are presented. Come and meet us on our booth at the YIM 2014 from 17th to 21st April 2014.
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